Andy Enfield 5 Minute Basketball Shooting Drill

Andy Enfield 5 Minute Basketball Shooting Drill


The best shooters in basketball have consistent footwork, balance, and can maintain their shooting form and technique through fatigue. This only happens, though, if a player is willing to put in the needed time developing these areas. Unfortunately, though, there is not always a rebounder for a player to get up shots. With this basketball shooting drill, players will be able to get up shots by themselves in a way that is beneficial and meaningful.

This drill was taken from Andy Enfield, head coach at the University of Southern California, who is regarded as one of the best basketball shooting coaches. Coach Enfield has worked in the NBA as a skill development coach and uses this basketball drill with his players to achieve a high volume of shots in a short amount of time. This catch and shoot basketball shooting drill will help players focus on the mechanics and stability of their shot while also improving conditioning.




Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Andy Enfield 5 Minute Basketball Shooting Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball per person, clock/timer.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Allow a player on their own to get up a lot of quality shots without a rebounder.
  • Work on footwork into a shot off the catch and off the dribble.
  • Improve conditioning and shooting while fatigued.


Coaching Points

  • Players need to receive the ball on balance, whether from the catch or the dribble.
  • The players should focus on consistent footwork and getting their hips around to face the basket.
  • On the shot, players need to hold their follow-through and land on two feet before pursuing their rebound.
  • Make sure players extend through their hips on the shot and reach high on their follow-through.
  • On the shot, players should jump and land in about the same place.
  • Challenge players to push through fatigue and maintain form and footwork on every shot.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Each player will start with a basketball underneath the basket.
  • When the time begins, they will dribble out to shoot a 3 pointer from anywhere around the arc.
  • The player(s) will rebound their own shot and either spin the ball out to themselves or dribble out to the 3pt line to attempt the next 3pt shot.
  • The player(s) will continue this drill for the specified amount of time.
  • If two players are shooting, then the player with the most makes at the end wins.
  • If there is just one player, they should try and beat their previous number of makes.


Recommended Time, Scoring, and Repetitions

  • This drill is done with players shooting 3pt shots continuously for 5 minutes.
  • The goal for an excellent 3pt shooter is 45-55 makes in 5 minutes.
  • This basketball drill could be done for a lesser amount of time, depending on the player’s conditioning and skill level.
  • Rather than doing the drill for 5 minutes, players could go until they make a specific number of 3pt shots.
  • This shooting drill could also be used to work on 1-2 dribble pull-up shots. Players would spin the ball out to beyond the 3pt line and, instead of shooting, would catch and take 1-2 dribbles into a pull-up shot.


Andy Enfield 5 Minute Basketball Shooting Drill


Andy Enfield 5 Minute Basketball Shooting Drill Conclusion

There is a big difference between shot takers and shot makers. Players should obviously aim for the latter, but that means that they also need to be putting in the time getting up quality shots; this shooting drill is going to help with that. From shot preparation and footwork to follow through, this basketball drill will players work on these different skills.

Efficient shooters in basketball catch the ball on balance with their hips and shoulders open to the basket. They have their eyes on the rim and are thinking shot before they even catch. Shot makers will extend up on their shot and hold their follow-through as the ball sinks into the net. To become a great basketball shooter, players can utilize this shooting drill to challenge themselves and maximize repetitions while pushing through physical and mental fatigue.


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