How to Do the Back Leg Finish in Basketball

How to Do the Back Leg Finish in Basketball


This basketball training video is going to breakdown a little bit more of an advanced finish, but it is an excellent move for throwing off a defender’s timing on the contest and allowing the offensive player to be able to get a quality look at the basket. The back leg finish is a move that became popular with Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki in their prime, but many players in today’s game use it.

It is important, though, that as a basketball player, you spend the needed time mastering the move before you look to use it in a game situation. Really lock in on the details of the video below. This video will break down a few different ways that the back leg finish can be used, so spend time working on each type of situation.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: How to Do the Back Leg Finish in Basketball

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball, partner optional.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on the back leg finish move.


Coaching Points

  • Stay balanced and under control when you execute the move.
  • Do your best to go straight back and not drift on the move.
  • If you are drifting, it increases the level of difficulty of the shot.
  • Make sure that you put a lot of arc on the shot.
  • Because you are falling back, your shot will tend to be short. So make sure that you put that extra force on it.


Basketball Drill Instructions

The player is going to start with the ball and attack towards the basket. They will plant their top foot, lean back onto their back foot, and put up a nice high arcing touch shot while slightly falling back.

Here are the four different ways you can practice this move.

  1. Attacking Off the Dribble: The player will start on the wing and simulate making a breakdown move before attacking the basket. When they get into where they want to execute the move, they will plant and raise up for the back leg finish.
  2. Attacking in Transition: The player will start above the three-point line and attack downhill off the dribble like they are attacking in transition: When they get to the block extended area, they will execute the back leg finish. You can use the decelerated finish or the contact and finish.
  3. Attacking From a Cut: The player will start on either wing mid-range area with the ball. They will spin the ball to themselves as they flash to the middle of the paint. As they catch the ball, they will immediately go right into the back leg finish without taking a dribble.
  4.  Attacking From a Post: The player will post up just outside the block on either side of the lane. In the first finish, the player will lean into the defender and then quickly lean back into the back leg finish. The second move is going to be off of the dribble. The player will take a couple of back down dribbles before quickly leaning back into the back leg finish.


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