Ball Screen Turn the Corner Basketball Drill

Ball Screen Turn the Corner Basketball Drill


If you are a point guard or a wing player, you are most likely going to use different types of ball screens throughout the course of a basketball game. However, there are different ball screen reads that you need to make, depending on how the defenders play it. You need to be strong in your basketball fundamentals and being able to read how the defense is guarding each ball screen.

The action that you are working on in this basketball drill is turning the corner when the big man doesn’t get all the way out to show on the screen. Either the big man is slow getting out, or they take a bad angle, but this opens up the chance to attack their outside hip and get the angle to turn the corner.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Ball Screen Turn the Corner Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 Basketball, a chair, and a basket.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Learn how to use a ball screen and then work on turning the corner off of the screen.


Coaching Points

  • Bring your man below the chair every time.
  • Visualize the defender and be explosive out of your move.
  • Keep your eyes up and see the floor; look at the paint, not the sideline, when using the ball screen.
  • Stay low when you come off the screen and keep your dribble low and tight.
  • Don’t turn your back to the ball screen (chair).
  • There are two types of turns you can practice.
    • The first is the early turn, where the big man is late getting out, and you can immediately turn the corner.
    • The second turn is when the big man shows, but it is a flat show and you keep driving him until you get past his hip; that is called a late turn.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  1. Place a chair on either wing just about free-throw line extended.
  2. Have the line of basketball players start out towards the sideline above the level of the chair.
  3. The first player will dribble down the sideline below the chair’s level, set his man up with a move or two, and then come off the ball screen.
  4. They will use either the late turn or early turn and then finish at the basket any way you want; floater, runner, dunk, Euro-step, etc.


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