Basic and Cutters Shell Basketball Drill

Basic and Cutters Shell Basketball Drill


A great man to man defense in basketball is built from the ground up, which means breaking down certain actions like being in the gap, helping, communicating, etc. To focus on these details, you need to start with defensive breakdowns and teach your team how to handle each type of situation. That is where this basketball team drill comes into play. The shell drill will be 4 on 4 in the half-court, and it is going to allow your team to practice specific situations that you will encounter when playing man-to-man half-court defense.

This specific shell drill will work on where to be in the help/gap when the ball is 1 or 2 passes away, and then also on how to handle offensive cutters. Basketball drills like this are essential for your team in learning to play defense, but they are also great for working on man-to-man offense as well because they allow your players to get reps on offense too.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Basic and Cutters Shell Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: 8+ players, a coach, and a ball.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on man-to-man half-court defense.


Coaching Points

  • Every time the ball moves, the defensive players should be adjusting.
  • Think of it as a string; when the ball moves, it pulls the players accordingly.
  • Communication is critical.
    • This is a non-negotiable on defense.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • There is going to be an offensive player on each wing and in each corner.
  • The defensive players are going to start on the baseline.
  • When the coach throws the ball out to one of the offensive players on the perimeter, the defensive players will closeout or get in the gap/help accordingly.
  • The offensive players will move the ball around the perimeter without any dribbles, and the defensive players must adjust and communicate on every pass.
  • After several minutes of working on this, you will incorporate some offensive cuts into the drill.
  • So every time that a guard passes to a post player, they are going ball sidecut and try to get the ball back.
  • However, the defender needs to jump to the ball and take away the pass back to the cutter.
  • When the cutter cuts, the weak side offensive players must fill up so that the cutter can fill out to the empty opposite corner.


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