Beat the Pro Mid Range Basketball Shooting Drill

Beat the Pro Mid Range Basketball Shooting Drill


This is a great basketball shooting drill to work on your shot mechanics, footwork, etc. but it is also a really good basketball drill to train yourself mentally as well. Sometimes in a game, you will miss a couple of shots in a row. If you are a weak-minded shooter this will cause you to stop shooting or hesitate on the next shot, which will probably end up in another miss.

Mentally strong shooters still continue to shoot though, because they know that they are a good shooter and that they need to have a short memory. The beat the pro shooting drill requires you to make a certain number of shots before you miss a certain amount. This will help you to be mentally strong, and learn to shoot even if you have missed a couple of shots at the beginning of the drill.



Drill Name: Beat the Pro Mid Range Basketball Shooting Drill

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Drill Goal: Work on your shooting mechanics and also your mental toughness.

Equipment Needed: 2 basketballs and 2 partners.

Drill Tips: Shoot the same way every time and don’t just shoot the basketball to shoot it, shoot the basketball to make it. Believe that every shot is going to go in. Have a short memory, the next shot is always the most important one. Don’t slide from shot to shot, turn and run.

Drill Directions: You can do this drill from one of 3 different spots; either corner to wing or elbow to elbow. The player must start in either corner first and beat the pro before they can advance to the next spot. The player is going to start in the mid-range on the baseline, shoot a shot, and then turn to run up to the wing for another mid-range shot. They will continue this back and forth pattern shooting from each spot. You are playing against “the pro” and every make is worth 1 point for yourself and every miss is worth 2 points for the pro (you can make the misses worth 3 or 4 points for the pro if you want to make the drill more advanced). If you get 12 points before the pro gets 12 points you win, if not then you lose and have to repeat that spot.


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