Between the Legs Two Ball Mirror Basketball Dribbling Drill

Between the Legs Two Ball Mirror Basketball Dribbling Drill


If you look at the best ball handlers in the game of basketball, you will quickly realize that they can handle the ball without having to think about it. They can dribble with either hand, keep their eyes up to read the defense, and run offense.

This two ball basketball dribbling drill will help work on all of the things that make a great ball handler. It will force the players to dribble with both hands and keep their eyes up the whole time watching their partner. Adding the between the legs move will add an extra level of difficulty for the players doing the drill. Try out this basketball drill the next time you are in the gym.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Between the Legs Two Ball Mirror Basketball Dribbling Drill

Equipment Needed: 2 basketballs per player and 2 players.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on developing both hands and keep your eyes up while dribbling the ball.


Coaching Points


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Each player is going to start with a basketball in either hand.
  • Player one will be on the baseline facing out, and player two will be facing player one several feet away.
  • When the drill starts, both players will start dribbling the basketballs.
  • Player one is going to be the leader and can go forward, backward, and side to side at their discretion.
  • Player two must follow players one’s lead and mirror them.
  • Every time there is a change of direction, the players must make a between the legs move.
  • If player one shakes or goes by player two, they must stop and wait for player two to catch up with them and get back into mirroring position before continuing.
  • The drill lasts until the players reach the opposite baseline.


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