Box Cone Basketball Drill

Changing directions quickly is part of the game of basketball. On defense, you may go in all four directions within a matter of seconds. This basketball workout is meant to simulate having to change directions quickly and effectively.

You don’t want to have any wasted movements because they may you slower. This basketball quickness and speed workout will help to train the player first by giving them the correct form and technique for their movements, and then also allowing them to get plenty of repetitions to train their body to make these movements.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Box Cone Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: 4 Cones


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on quickness and change of direction quickness.


Coaching Points

  • Vary the complexity of the movements for each leg of the box drill.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Arrange the cones into a square (cones 10yds apart).
  • At one cone, the athlete will execute a sprint, x-over, backpedal, etc., to the next cone, where the movement will change.
  • Continue this as many times around the square as needed.
    • Sample: 1) Sprint Forward 2) Shuffle right 3) Backpedal 4) Shuffle Left.
  • Vary the movements and number of times around the box to increase difficulty.
  • You may also instruct the athlete to cross diagonally across the box at your signal.
  • Including a basketball in this drill will also increase difficulty.


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