Box Drill Jab Step Shot

Box Drill Jab Step Shot


Scoring out of the triple threat is a big part of the game of basketball. When you catch the basketball, it is important to be able to get right into scoring position. This makes the defense respect you offensively. Not only is this basketball drill great for improving your footwork, but also scoring out of the triple threat position. Having good footwork makes you more efficient, and being more efficient makes you quicker.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Box Drill Jab Step Shot

Equipment Needed: 1 Basketball.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on your footwork and be able to make a move with either foot being your pivot foot and be able to pivot forward and backward.


Coaching Points

  • Sell your jab and make sure that it is towards the basket.
  • Don’t fade away on your shot and hold your follow-through.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • There are four different types of pivots that you are going to use for this triple threat basketball shooting drill, and this is also the order that you are going to do them in; left foot reverse, right foot reverse, left foot forward, and right foot forward.
  • Start on the right block with the ball, spin it out to the elbow, and then run up and grab the ball with both hands, jump stop as you do.
  • Make your pivot move, jab step towards the basket, and then shoot the ball.
  • Get your rebound and then go to the opposite lane line.
  • You are going to do each pivot move twice, once on each lane line.


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