Moves Post Catch and Finish Basketball Drill

Moves Post Catch and Finish Basketball Drill


This is not a traditional game situation basketball drill, but it is a great drill for working on ball handling, hand-eye coordination, and touch around the basket. Also, the player will be forced to get out of their comfort zone with the two basketballs, and hopefully, this will help them in a game when they only have to account for one basketball.

This drill can be done with any position, but it is an excellent drill for post players to use when working on improving their hands and finishing around the basket with a soft touch. The more quality finishing repetitions a post player can get around the basket, the more likely they will be to finish in a game when it matters most.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Moves Post Catch and Finish Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: Two basketballs, a basket, and a partner.


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Goals of the Drill


Coaching Points

  • The player needs to stay in a low athletic stance the whole time and not raise up until they go for the finish.
  • Challenge the player to catch the ball cleanly and get right into the finish on the catch.
  • On every finish, the ball needs to be controlled up by the player, not just tossed up to the basket.
  • The player needs to get out of their comfort zone with the pace of the ball-handling – it is okay to mess up if the player is being challenged.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The player is going to start under the basket facing out with a basketball.
  • The passer will start just under the free throw line facing the player with a basketball of their own.
  • When the drill starts, the player will execute either a continuous crossover move, between the legs move (figure 8), or a behind the back move.
  • At the passer’s discretion, they will bounce pass the basketball to either the player’s left or right hand (passer should try to time up the pass for an open hand).
  • The player will gather both basketballs and finish with a layup on whatever side the pass is received.
  • If the player misses the layup, they will continue to go until they make it.
  • Once the layup is made, they will pass the ball back to the passer, begin executing the desired dribble move again, and then get ready for the next pass.
  • You can do this drill for the desired number of repetitions or time.


Recommended Time, Steps, Scoring, Repetitions

  • If doing the drill for time, 45-60 seconds is usually a reasonable amount of time to shoot for. Depending on the player’s level or whether you want to also work on conditioning, you can adjust the time.
  • For repetitions, there are a few different ways you could set it up.
    • Have the player complete one of the moves (crossover, between the legs, behind the back) 6-8 times, rest, and then have them make the next move.
    • Allow the player to execute whatever move they want each time for 6-10 reps and then go through the drill for a couple of times with a break in between.
    • Have the coach call out the move each time and go for 6-10 repetitions and the desired amount of sets.
  • Another way to challenge players is to count misses as a negative rep. So if they have four makes but miss one, they go back to only having three total makes. Or, you could have them have to make a set number in a row.



Moves Post Catch and Finish Basketball Drill


Moves Post Catch and Finish Basketball Drill Conclusion

Not every basketball drill will work on a game-specific move, and some are going to work on multiple areas of the game at the same time. This drill is the latter; it will force the player to get out of their comfort zone and allow them to work on ball handling, catching, and finishing at the rim. With the number of quality repetitions that this drill allows for in such a short period, it allows for maximizing gym time.

Add this drill to your workouts, and your players will get quality repetitions regularly. Before long, they will be confident finishers around the basket and be better able to handle and catch the ball.


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