Change Direction Two Feet Jump Rope Drill

Change Direction Two Feet Jump Rope Drill


In today’s game of basketball, quickness and speed is such a big part of the game. Being able to get past your defender or stay in front of your man on defense comes down to footwork and quickness. The change direction two feet jump rope drill will help you work on becoming a quicker basketball player. Push yourself to go as quickly as you can during this jump rope workout and really maximize your quickness.



Jump Rope Drill Overview

Drill Name: Change Direction Two Feet Jump Rope Drill

Equipment Needed: Jump Rope


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on quickness and staying light on your feet.


Coaching Points

  • Stay light on your feet, get off the ground as quickly as you can, and try not to let the rope touch the ground when you swing it.


Jump Rope Drill Instructions

  • Begin jumping rope regularly off of two feet and then begin jumping forward and backward.
  • It might be easier to jump over a line.
  • Once you have done the desired amount of jumps, front and back jump side to side.
  • To make it more challenging, you can keep changing the jumps from front to back and side to side.


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