Combination Game Shooting Basketball Drill

Combination Game Shooting Basketball Drill


It is important to practice game-specific moves that a player will come across during the course of a game. This will allow the player to read the defense and then be more comfortable making the appropriate move. This combination basketball shooting drill will work on using a ball screen and then also using several off-ball cuts to get open for a shot.

Basketball drills like this will allow the player to learn the correct movements, but it will also help them recognize these types of shots within the offense. Another important area that this basketball shooting drill works on is staying mentally engaged. As the player gets tired during the drill, they must still stay mentally locked in and remember what to do next. This translates to end of game situations when a player is tired and must execute correctly.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Combination Game Shooting Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: 2 basketballs, cones/chair, and 2 partners.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on making game-specific moves.


Coaching Points

  • Keep your eyes up and stay low on the ball screen split move; really push the basketball out past the defense.
  • Call out your cut and stay on balance for the shot, don’t leave your shot early.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Set up a chair or cones on either wing outside the 3 point line.
  • The player will start with the ball out towards the sideline, about 5 feet off the chair.
  • One partner will be in the paint to rebound, and the other partner will be at the chair, ready to simulate the defense and then be the passer.
  • When the drill starts, the player will dribble down below the chair and come off it like a ball screen.
  • As they do this, the partner will jump out like a show on ball screen defense.
  • At this point, the player will split the screen for a pull-up jump shot at the elbow.
  • After the pull-up shot, the player will reset in the corner and fill up for a stagger cut 3 point shot.
  • For the final shot in the series, the player will fade cut to the wing for a 3 point shot.
  • Repeat this pattern 5 times through and then switch sides.


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