Crossover Steps Drill

Crossover Steps Drill


This basketball workout can be used to develop the player’s lateral speed and quickness. Lateral speed is a key component of any basketball player’s defensive skill set and should be cultivated by the coach consistently. This video showcases both 1-Step and 2-Step Cross Overs. Really focus and lock down the correct footwork of this basketball quickness and speed drill before attempting to do it. You don’t want to practice something the wrong way because it will develop bad habits for the player.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Crossover Steps Drill (1-Step and 2-Step)

Equipment Needed: None


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Goals of the Drill

  • Lateral Speed


Coaching Points

  • Maintain Athletic Position while leaning into COD (Change Of Direction).
  • The trailing leg ALWAYS steps in front.
  • Shift your weight ahead of time to execute quick COD.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • On the coach’s signal, step in front of your lead leg and continue to an athletic position.
  • Then quickly reverse the movement back to the starting position.
  • To make this drill more difficult, add additional steps before returning to the starting point.


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4 Responses

  1. Kids: NEVER EVER cross your feet when defending. This is very bad advice. Do not follow it. I repeat: NEVER ever cross your feet when defending. A) You will get smoked; B) You will get injured; C) You will get embarrassed. Don’t listen to this guy. Sorry, guy

  2. This drill is not working on a players defensive slide. You are exactly right in that when a player is doing defensive slides they shouldn’t cross their feet. However, this drill is to work on if a player gets driven by and they need to turn and run to catch back up to them, or if they are in the help defense and they need to run step to come over and take a charge. This is just working on the very first step and helping develop efficient footwork. Sorry for the confusion.

  3. There is always a point in time that a crossover step is needed in basketball. I’ve found as a coach that biggest reason kids get beat is by try to play defense with their hands or bodies to control the drive. If they do it hard enough to be effective it’s a hand check or block, so they mostly just end up unbalanced and get blown by. I teach that if they feel the need to touch the ball handler, it’s because they’re about to get beat and need to hip turn and run. Anecdotely, it has improved our on ball defense, and factually reduced fouls by our perimeter players.

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