Crossover Rhythm Basketball Dribbling Drill

Crossover Rhythm Basketball Dribbling Drill


If you watch good ball handlers in basketball, you will recognize that they do a great job staying low while dribbling the ball. They can change the ball from hand to hand quickly and with ease. All of this comes from being comfortable with the basketball and being equally confident with both hands.

This one ball basketball dribbling drill will work on staying low, handling the ball, and developing good footwork. If you are a primary ball-handler, this drill is a must and something you should do regularly. This is a great basketball drill to do on your own, in small group training, or in a camp setting.




Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Crossover Rhythm Basketball Dribbling Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball and 8-10 cones.


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Goals of the Drill


Coaching Points

  • Keep your eyes up the whole time and practicing scanning the floor while you do the drill.
  • Don’t raise up out of an athletic stance and go in between the cones, not over the top of them.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Set up your line of cones in a row and about 2 feet apart from each other.
  • The player is going to start at one end of the cones with the basketball.
  • They will take one dribble and then cross the basketball over in front of the first cone.
  • They will then immediately push the ball out to the next cone with a stationary dribble and then cross the ball back over at the next cone (make sure you go in and out of the cones, not over the top).
  • This pattern will continue all the way through the cones until the player reaches the last cone, where they will make the crossover move and then push the ball out in an attack dribble for one explosive dribble.
  • This completes one time through the drill.


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