How to Do the Double Crossover Move in Basketball

Double Crossover Finish Basketball Drill


There are going to be times in a game whereas a ball handler or scorer, you are going to need to isolate and score a big basket. This isn’t every time down the floor, but there will be late clock situations, mismatch situations, or times that you have a hot hand and can look to be more aggressive.

This double crossover move in this basketball training video is going to be broken down to set up a shot and also to attack the basket. If you can master this move and really sell the double crossover action, you will give yourself plenty of space and time to get off a quality shot against your defender. So take advantage of this basketball finishing drill and lock in on all of the details of this move.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: How to Do the Double Crossover Move in Basketball

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on selling the double crossover to create space to get your shot off or attack the basket.


Coaching Points

  • Stay low and athletic and really sell each crossover.
  • Lead yourself into your shot with the second crossover and really look to create space to get your shot off.
  • Use your body, eyes, and foot positioning to sell the move.


Basketball Drill Instructions


For the Shot:

  • The player is going to start above the 3 point area with the basketball.
  • They will begin to handle the basketball with a few rhythm dribbles.
  • At the player’s discretion, they will set up the defender with a crossover move, a slight pause, and then a second crossover move right into their shot.

For the Finish:

  • The player will attack downhill off of a ball screen action, and the imaginary defender will be a soft show post player.
  • The ball handler will sell that they are attacking one way with a quick, tight crossover to get the defender to shift.
  • Still, immediately the player will follow up the first crossover with a second and go the opposite direction for a finish at the basket.


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