Double Swing Jump Rope Drill

Double Swing Jump Rope Drill


The double swing jump rope drill is a more advanced basketball jump rope drill, but it is great for improving your vertical and practicing getting off the ground as quickly as you can. As a big man, there will be times in a game when you need to jump to contest a shot and then immediately jump back up again to rebound the ball. This basketball workout is great for working on multiple jumps in a row.



Jump Rope Drill Overview

Drill Name: Double Swing Jump Rope Drill

Equipment Needed: Jump Rope


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Goals of the Drill

  • Develop your fast-twitch muscles and your jumping quickness


Coaching Points

  • Jump high to give yourself more time to rotate the rope twice around.
  • Get into a good rhythm.


Jump Rope Drill Instructions

  • Begin jumping rope regularly off of two feet and then begin to jump higher and get two rotations of the jump rope every time you jump.
  • Try to string as many double swings in a row.


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