Down Screens and Baseline Drive Shell Basketball Drill

Down Screens and Baseline Drive Shell Basketball Drill


The shell drill will work on half-court man to man defense and is going to really focus on the defender’s responsibilities when the ball is moved; there are cutters, screening actions, etc. This particular shell drill is going to work on dealing with down screens and baseline penetration. By breaking down the defense into 4 on 4  with this basketball drill and staying in the half-court, you can really focus on making sure that your players understand their responsibilities. They are also able to get a lot of repetitions at what they should be doing.

Team basketball drills like this one are also great for working on defensive communication. Every time that the ball or a player moves, the defense should be communicating. This will not only help prevent defensive errors, but it will also intimidate the offense.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Down Screens and Baseline Drive Shell Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: 8+ players, a coach, and a ball.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on man-to-man half-court defense, fighting through down screens, and handling baseline penetration.


Coaching Points


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Offensive players are going to be in either corner and on either wing.
  • While the defensive players are on the baseline ready to go.
  • When the drill starts, the coach will toss the ball out to one of the offensive players.
  • At this time, the defense will close out to their man accordingly (on the ball, in the gap, or in the help).
  • The offense will move the ball around the perimeter, and as they do, the defense must adjust their defensive position.
  • When the ball is passed at the top from guard to guard, the player who just passed the ball will go down screen away.
  • When this happens, the defender must open up and let the corner defender through the down screen.
  • Continue this action, and swing the ball around until the coach says switch defense to offense, or the coach decides to go live 4 on 4.
  • The second type of defense to work on in this drill is baseline penetration.
  • The drill is set up the same way, but when the ball goes to the corner, the player must drive the baseline (the defensive guard will allow them to).
  • When this happens, the weak side baseline player will rotate over and cut them off outside the paint.
  • The other two players are going to zone up in the paint and take away any easy passes.
  • When the ball is passed out of the trap, the players will recover to their original man.
  • From here, swing the ball until another baseline penetration is available.


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  1. Soy de Venezuela y quiero comunicarles que este video está excelente y mucho mejor la explicación y los tips que contribuyen a mejorar constantemente la comunicación entre los jugadores que defienden..!

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