5 Dribble Drop Step Finish Basketball Drill

5 Dribble Drop Step Basketball Finish Drill


As a post player in basketball, the goal is to get as deep of a position as possible when posting up. However, this does not always happen, and sometimes the post player must be able to put the ball on the ground and take a couple of dribbles to get better positioning before looking to finish. The only way this can happen, though, is if the post player is comfortable and confident handling the basketball.

This basketball post drill will work on ball handling in the post by exaggerating the dribble action. It is also going to allow the post player to make a finishing move towards the basket. It is a great drill to use in post workouts or practice when guards and posts split up for skill development work.




Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: 5 Dribble Drop Step Finish Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: A basketball, a dummy defender, a pad, and a basket.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on handling the ball in the post with contact, seeing the floor, and then making an attacking move.
  • Develop a post player’s confidence in the post.
  • Work on finishing around the basket from the post position.


Coaching Points

  • The player needs to make sure that they stay in an athletic stance the whole time and absorb the contact.
  • When dribbling the basketball, they need to get out of their comfort zone and pound dribble the basketball as hard as possible.
  • As they are handling the ball, they need to keep their eyes up so that they can see the floor to read the help defense and see any potential open teammates in a game.
  • When the player goes to finish, they need to make an aggressive and explosive move.
  • The player needs to make sure that they don’t over-rotate on the hook shot.
  • You can change the finish to whatever move you want to work on.
  • If the player misses, they need to attack the ball and look to tip in their miss as quickly as possible.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The post player is going to start slightly off the left block with the basketball.
  • The post defender with the pad will be behind them.
  • The player will take 5-pound dribbles with their right hand in an athletic stance and then make an attacking step to back down the post defender.
  • The player will repeat this same action for a total of three times.
  • On the 3rd time, the player will attack to the middle for a jump hook.
  • If the player misses the hook shot, they will immediately jump back up and tip the ball in until it is made.
  • The player will then get the rebound and reset, or if there are multiple players, the next player in line to go.
  • After the desired amount of repetitions, switch sides.


Recommended Time, Scoring, and Repetitions

  • There are a couple of ways that you can set this drill up. The first is going to be for repetitions. Every player in the drill can go through the drill for a set amount of repetitions on each block.
    • Another good way to set this drill up is to have a set number of repetitions for each move you want to work on. Whether you want to work on a hook shot, counter move, up and under, etc., you can have a set number of repetitions for each move you want to work on.
  • Setting this drill up for a set time is also a great way to execute this drill. Having a set time will allow you to make sure that you are staying on track with your workouts or practice. Just make sure that you are allotting the same amount of time per side of the basket.
  • If doing this drill for makes, you will have to set it up slightly differently since the player will go until they make it with a tip-in. So the way to set it up would be to have players follow their misses with a tip-in but only count it as a make if the player makes the first finish. This would be a great way to turn this drill into a competition with multiple players.
  • This is a great drill to work on a variety of different post moves as well. So feel free to work on whatever moves you want your post players to master.
  • If you work on several different moves, you can have the dummy defender choose how to guard the post player. For example, you could have them allow the player to attack to the middle or have them overplay and force the post player to make a counter move. This is a great way to teach basketball post players how to read their defender.


5 Dribble Drop Step Finish Basketball Drill


5 Dribble Drop Step Finish Basketball Drill Conclusion

Position, patience, and skill are all essential factors when it comes to scoring in the post. The closer to the basket a player is, the higher the percentage the finish will be, patience will allow a post player to stay under control, read the defense, and then make the correct move, and having the needed skills will enable a player to finish once they get where they want to go.

This basketball post drill is going to allow for working on all of these different areas. It will teach post players to fight for positioning, stay patient, and then master different post moves. And, outside of all of these areas, it will allow for post players to work on their overall ball-handling skills, which will translate to other areas on the floor as well.


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