Two Ball Same Side Facing Out Mikan Basketball Drill

Two Ball Same Side Facing Out Mikan Basketball Drill


Being able to finish around the basket in basketball in a variety of ways and angles is essential to any player, whether they play on the block or are driving to the basket. Great finishers can adjust to how defenders are playing them and then execute the correct finish. Players need to know how to use the rim to protect the ball from shot blockers. They also need to understand how to use the backboard from different angles and the different types of spin that need to be put on the ball.

This basketball finishing drill is excellent for getting a lot of quality repetitions in a short period of time and will also help the player improve their hand-eye coordination. This basketball drill will incorporate two basketball to help the player to be able to have more control when finishing with one hand. It also benefits the player’s footwork around the basket.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Two Ball Same Side Facing Out Mikan Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: Two basketballs and a basket.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on finishing around the basket from different angles.
  • Work on using the proper spin on the ball at different angles.
  • Work on using a soft touch around the basket.
  • Work on using different types of footwork when coming in for the finish.


Coaching Points

  • Encourage the player to get into a good rhythm finishing around the basket.
  • Make sure the player uses the backboard each time and uses a nice soft touch on the finish.
  • Have them use different forms of footwork and encourage them to do it the right way, even if it is difficult at first.
  • The player needs to extend the ball for a high finish and elevate.
  • Don’t allow players to baby their finish with their off-hand.
    • Encourage them to develop confidence in it.
  • Challenge players to get out of their comfort zone with the pace of the drill.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The player will start with a basketball in each hand and standing under the basket with their chest facing out towards the top of the key.
  • When the drill starts, the player will extend the ball with their right hand, jump up off their left foot, and then finish high with a right-hand reverse layup.
  • While that ball is in the air, they will transfer the ball from their left hand to right hand and then catch the ball that just went through the basket.
  • They will then repeat the same pattern, looking to get into a smooth, quick rhythm.
  • After the desired amount of reps or time, switch sides of the basket and finishing hand.
  • You can also do this drill, jumping off the same foot as the hand you are using to do the layup.


Recommended Time, Steps, Scoring, and Repetitions

  • You can do this drill for a certain number of totals repetitions, attempting to see how many of those they can make.
  • The player could also do this drill for a certain number of makes. This might take a little more time for beginners to the drill.
  • You could also challenge the player to make as many as they can in a row. This could be competitive if you have multiple players doing the drill.
  • The player could do this drill for a specific time period, seeing how many they can make in that time period. Extend the time longer to work on endurance as well.


Two Ball Same Side Facing Out Mikan Drill


Two-Ball Same Side Facing Out Mikan Basketball Drill

To be a good finisher, a player must be able to finish in many different ways from many different angles. When going against shot blockers, they also need to understand that the rim can protect the ball from being blocked. Using the rim to protect your finish is a basketball fundamental that every player should be taking advantage of.

This variation of the Mikan drill tests the player’s ability to finish while facing away from the basket, which requires a different type of spin on the ball. Coaches need to emphasize finishing high by extending the ball up and elevating to make sure they are making the shot as easy as possible. Working on using different forms of footwork can also give them an advantage against bigger players and shot blockers.


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