Fake Hand Off Basketball Drill

Fake Hand Off Basketball Shooting Drill


Using basketball drills like this is a great way to incorporate an offensive action into your practice breakdown. The dribble hand-off is a common offensive action that players need quality repetitions to master. Along with the hand-off, though, players can work on their footwork, timing, finishing at the basket, and shooting, all in this drill sequence.

This team basketball drill will work on the fake hand-off action when the defense gets out of position by trying to expose the action too early. The drill will allow the post player to get repetitions at selling the hand-off, followed by an explosive move to finish at the rim. The perimeter player will work on the timing of the fake hand-off, moving without the basketball, and shooting off a down screen.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Fake Hand Off Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: Two basketballs, two players, and a passer.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on footwork, agility, and timing to sell the hand-off action.
  • Work on keeping the hand-off and getting to the rim for the finish.
  • Develop the correct footwork when incorporating a hand-off action and then curling back to the ball for a shot.


Coaching Points

  • The player needs to flash hard to the high post to receive the basketball.
  • The post player needs to stay low and sell the hand-off to the perimeter player. They should protect the ball with their body to shield the defense.
  • On the drive, they need to have a big first step and push the ball out on the dribble. The more separation they can get from their defender, the better.
  • Challenge the post player to get to the basket in one bounce.
  • The ball needs to be kept high, and they need to use their body to protect it as they drive to the basket.
  • The player coming off the hand-off needs to cut hard to work on timing and set up the imaginary defender. Cutting hard will help sell the hand-off action and misdirect the defense.
  • On the down screen shooting action, the player needs to focus on footwork and getting hips and shoulders around on the shot.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The perimeter player will start on the left wing with the ball, while the post player will begin on the right block.
  • There will be another passer with a ball at the top of the key and a chair on the right elbow.
  • When the drill starts, the post player will flash to the left elbow and receive a pass from the perimeter player.
  • After this, the perimeter player will immediately cut hard off the post player as though they are receiving a hand-off.
  • The post player will fake the hand-off and then take one dribble and finish at the basket.
  • After the perimeter player comes off the fake hand-off, they will use the chair on the right elbow as a down screen and come back to the passer for a shot at the top of the key.
  • The post player will get into rebounding position and put-back any missed shots from the perimeter.
  • This completes one repetition.
  • The players will reset and repeat this action for the desired amount of time.


Recommended Time, Scoring, and Repetitions

  • Depending on the number of players you have in the drill, you will want to increase or decrease time or repetitions. Whatever you decide on, make sure to work both sides of the lane equally.
  • If you have a group of players working on this drill, have them continue to cycle through and get a good rhythm going.
  • If you have hybrid post players or wing players, have them work on both sides of this drill.
  • To vary the drill, have the post player work on a set type of finish at the basket. You could also have the wing player work on different kinds of cuts off the down screen or a one-dribble pull up off of the screen rather than a catch and shoot shot.


Fake Hand Off Basketball Shooting Drill


Fake Hand Off Basketball Drill Conclusion

A quality basketball offense is based on spacing, timing, reading the defense, and creating advantages. For any offense to be successful, players must be able to execute these skills within the action.

This is a great basketball drill to use with your team or with a small group of players. Multiple players and positions are involved in the fake hand-off action, which maximizes repetitions. Players will gain confidence in working with each other in this drill, which will lead to them being more comfortable in a game situation with defense.

Post players will develop and have the opportunity to work on attacking and finishing strong at the rim, while guards will work on footwork for hand-off and then shooting off a down screen.


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