Florida Gators Pick and Pop Basketball Shooting Drill

Florida Gators Pick and Pop Basketball Shooting Drill


A great way to get quality shots as a post player is to set a great screen and then pop for an open shot. Setting a great screen forces the post defender to help on the ball handler, which opens up the shot for the post player.

This post-move basketball drill will allow for the post player(s) to get up a lot of quality repetitions in a short period of time. You can do this drill in a one on one workout or with a group of post players because it is quick-paced and allows for quality reps at a high pace.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Florida Gators Pick and Pop Basketball Shooting Drill

Equipment Needed: 2 basketball and 2 helpers.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on setting a screen and then spacing for an open shot.


Coaching Points

  • Set a low, wide when you set the screen and set it with a good angle for the ball handler to come off of.
  • Drop the top foot to open up to the ball when you space, and look to create as much space as possible before the shot.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The passer will start on the wing with one of the balls and the rebounder under the basket with the other.
  • The player (or first player in line) will start at the elbow closest to the passer.
  • When the drill starts, the player will sprint over to a wing ball screen, the passer will dribble off the screen, and as they are doing this, the player will pop towards the baseline for a shot.
  • After this shot, the player will fill up to the elbow for a catch and shoot shot.
  • At this point, the player will repeat the same pattern of shots, or the next player in line will go.
  • Usually, this basketball drill is done for a certain amount of makes, but it can also be done for reps or a set amount of time.


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