Florida Gators Pick and Roll Basketball Finishing Drill

Florida Gators Pick and Roll Basketball Finishing Drill


One of the best chances for post players to score is after setting a good screen. If the post player sets a great screen, they force their defender to help, which leaves them open to roll or space for an open shot or finish.

This basketball post drill will work on setting a pick and then rolling for the finish. It will also add in a component of a help defender stepping up to take away the roll. The drill will help the post player catch, attack the closeout of the help defender, and then finish at the basket. This is a great game-specific move that every post player should be spending time on developing.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Florida Gators Pick and Roll Basketball Finishing Drill

Equipment Needed: 2 basketballs, 2 partners, and a blocking pad.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on setting a screen, rolling to the basket, and then finishing against a help defender.


Coaching Points

  • Look to create as much space as possible after the screen.
  • Sell your move and attack hard to the middle and get the positioning that you want before finishing.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The passer/ball handler will be out on the wing, the help defender with the pad will be on the nearside block, and the player will start on the nearside elbow.
  • To start this basketball drill, the player will sprint over to set a wing ball screen.
  • After the ball handler comes off the screen, the player will roll hard to the baseline.
  • The passer will pass to the player, and the help defender will rotate out on the catch.
  • The player will catch the ball, jab step to the baseline, and then attack with two hard dribbles to the middle.
  • At this point, the player will read the defender and either attack with a jump hook to the middle or spin off the defender for a counter finish.
  • After the shot, the player will fill up the lane line to the elbow, where they will receive another pass.
  • At the elbow, the player will make an inside pivot and raise up for a shot.
  • This completes one rotation through the drill.
  • At this point, the next player in line will go, or the player will repeat the action.
  • Continue for the desired amount of shots, makes, or time.


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