Florida Gators Reverse Pivot Basketball Post Series

Florida Gators Reverse Pivot Basketball Post Series


This basketball post drill will work on two primary areas of a post player’s game. It will work on their ability to handle the basketball and then their ability to score out of the reverse pivot. The basketball drill will allow the post player to get a lot of repetitions at the different moves, which will help them get comfortable handling the basketball and using the reverse pivot move.

Having a post player that can handle the basketball adds a lot of value to an offense. It allows the transition offense to get started, even when there is congestion around the post player on a defensive rebound; a post player that can handle the basketball also makes it a lot easier to handle a press. It allows for one more ball handler, and the defensive post player is not going to be used to guarding the dribble full court.




Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Florida Gators Reverse Pivot Basketball Post Series

Equipment Needed: 2 basketballs and 1-2 partners.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on ball handling and scoring out of the reverse pivot.


Coaching Points

  • Keep your eyes up when handling the basketball, and be explosive on your dribble move.
  • Make your reverse pivot move in a line to the basket, and be explosive on the move.
  • Stay balanced and hold your follow-through on the shot.
  • Catch the ball with your back to the basket before pivoting.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Set up a cone/chair halfway up the right lane line.
  • The player is going to start on the right-wing with a ball, facing the cone/chair.
  • The partner will start on the opposite wing with a ball at their feet (if you don’t have a second partner to rebound).
  • When the drill starts, the player will dribble at the cone/chair and make a change of direction move or combo move (you can decide the move).
  • They will take one dribble past the cone/chair and fire a pass to the partner on the wing.
  • The player will immediately post up right off the block and get a post entry pass from the wing.
  • Upon receiving the pass, the player will reverse pivot (towards the baseline) and attack the basket for a finish (you can decide what type of finish to work on: power finish, reverse finish, shot fake finish, shot fake reverse finish, etc.).
  • As soon as the player finishes, they will run straight up the left lane line for a catch at the elbow, where they will reverse pivot (drop left foot) for a shot. This completes one repetition.
  • The next player in line will go, or the player will reset and do the drill again.
  • Usually, each player will go through 3 times on each side.


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