Form Progression Basketball Shooting Drill

Form Progression Basketball Shooting Drill


The purpose of the form progression basketball shooting drill is to help develop the proper fundamentals when shooting the ball and build-up to game shots. Whether you are a player who is just learning how to shoot a basketball or are already a good shooter, this is a great drill. It will help build up your fundamentals or refresh them if you have already played for a long time. You can also do something without putting a lot of strain on your body, so it is a great basketball drill to do in season or along with your workouts.

As a basketball coach or trainer, this basketball shooting drill will allow you to properly assess your player’s shooting motions. It will enable you to fine-tune their shooting mechanics. Not only will it let you do this, but it will also allow for a lot of quality repetitions in a short period. You will be able to teach your players the correct way to shoot and then also allow them to cement in these good shooting habits.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Form Progression Basketball Shooting Drill

Equipment Needed: One basketball and one partner.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Allow players to work on developing the correct shooting motion and technique.
  • The ability to get up a lot of quality shooting repetitions in a short period.
  • Work on developing a player’s shooting range without them having to “push” to get the ball to the basket.


Coaching Points

  • The player needs to keep their shot smooth and fluid and then raise up slightly on their toes as they shoot the ball.
  • The shooter needs to stay in their shot and hold their follow-through until they make or miss.
  • As the player gets farther out, they may need to jump slightly.
  • Once you get down a good shooting form, make sure that the player executes this form on every shot.
  • There shouldn’t be any variations between shots.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The player is going to start with a basketball right in front of the rim.
  • They are going to take the ball in their shooting hand and shoot the ball with one hand.
  • Once the player makes five shots from that one spot, they will take a big step backward and make five more shots.
  • They will continue this all the way out to their comfort zone (once the player starts to struggle shooting the ball with the proper form) and then come back to the first spot that they started in.
  • They are now going to repeat the drill, but this time, they will use their guide hand, and once they get to about the free-throw line, they will start jumping on their shot.
  • Once again, the player will go out until they start to struggle shooting with the proper form.
  • The drill is over after this.


Recommended Time, Scoring, and Repetitions

  • If you have multiple baskets, you can have groups of players go at every basket. Just make sure that players are holding themselves accountable to do it the right way.
  • If you want to spend more time working on a player’s shooting form, consider having the player make ten shots at each spot instead of five.


Form Progression Basketball Shooting Drill



Form Progression Basketball Shooting Drill Conclusion

Shooting the basketball at a high level is becoming more and more critical in today’s game. At every position, basketball players are becoming better and better shooters. This means that as a shooter, or with your team as a coach, you need to be spending the needed time working on shooting. It all starts with shooting form, though.

The better a shooter’s fundamentals and mechanics are, the higher their ceiling will be for maximizing their shot. This catch and shoot basketball shooting drill is going to be perfect for that. It will allow great shooters to reinforce good habits, and it will enable struggling shooters to adjust and improve on poor shooting habits.


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2 Responses

  1. This drill really helped me get into a good form for my next game, I put up 24 points with 4 shots beyond the the 3-Point line. (:

  2. The player in the video should get his base set before bringing the ball to the release/set point. The form shot, just like the jump shot, should Be one fluid motion upward. In the video, the player sets the ball, then bends his knees to gather momentum, then goes back up. This is not a habit I would recommend practicing.

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