Four Square Basketball Rebounding Drill

Four Square Basketball Rebounding Drill


Great basketball defensive teams finish the play with everyone doing their job on the boards. They make a conscious effort to box their man out and then pursue the ball. This basketball team drill will allow your team to learn to battle on the boards and get plenty of repetitions at making a great box out. It will also allow your players to compete and get after it because as much as rebounding is technique, it is equally desire and the willingness to compete. Basketball drills like this quickly help you realize which players will compete and those that are too cool to get dirty.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Four Square Basketball Rebounding Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball, 1 partner, and a minimum of 8 players.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on team rebounding and learning to compete on the boards.


Coaching Points

  • Defensive players need to make contact with their forearm in the offensive player’s chest and then turn to box out.
  • Offensive players should be crafty and mix up their moves when trying to get the offensive board; swim move, spin move, drive the defender under the basket, etc.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • There will be four defenders in the paint, one on each elbow and one on each block.
  • The offensive players will be matched up with the defensive player just outside the paint.
  • There will be a coach with a basketball on either wing.
  • When the drill starts, the coach will call out rotate.
  • When this happens, the offensive players will rotate one position to the right (defensive players will stay set).
  • The coach can call rotate as many times as they like.
  • Once they call “shot,” though, they will shoot the ball at the basket, trying to barely miss.
  • At this point, the ball is live; if the defense gets the rebound, the play is over, but if the offense gets the board, then they are trying to score.
  • This basketball rebounding drill doesn’t end until there is a defensive rebound, a score, or a foul.
  • If you have 12 players, you can set up 3 teams and have the new team come in on offense while the previous offensive team goes to defense and the defensive team goes off.
  • You can also set it up so that it is a defensive game and reward points for rebounds, and have the defense stay on until they give up an offensive board.


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