Frenzy Basketball Passing Drill

Frenzy Passing Basketball Drill


Whether you are a primary ball handler or not, passing off of the dribble can add a lot of value to your game. You must spend time working on being accurate and getting power behind the pass, but once this is accomplished, passing off of the dribble can be an excellent way to set up teammates and catch defenders off balance.

This basketball passing drill will allow for the needed repetitions to develop the confidence, power, and accuracy to pass off of the dribble with either hand. It will also work on several different types of passes. From working on a straightforward single-hand pass to a hook pass to a pocket pass, this drill will cover it all. This basketball drill is also great because it can incorporate a large number of players. All you need is some space and a couple of basketballs, and you can execute this drill, which makes it perfect for workouts, practices, and even a basketball camp setting.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Frenzy Basketball Passing Drill

Equipment Needed: 3+ players and multiple basketballs.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on passing off of the dribble with either hand.
  • Work on executing multiple types of passes off of the dribble (push pass, hook pass, pocket pass, etc.)
  • Develop ball handling and seeing the floor while handling the basketball.


Coaching Points

  • Players need to stay in an athletic stance and keep their eyes up the whole time.
  • Passes need to be snapped and not lobbed or floated to the receiver.
  • Along with having pace, passes need to be accurate.
  • Dribble moves should be executed at game speed.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The players will stand in a group facing each other about 8-12 feet apart.
  • All but one player in the group will have a basketball.
  • When the drill starts, the players with a basketball will start to make the dribble move that was decided upon (players should start slightly delayed).
  • After executing the dribble move, the first player to start the dribble move will pass to the player that started without the ball and then immediately get ready to receive the pass from one of the other players that started with a basketball.
  • As soon as a player catches a pass, they will immediately start the move and then pass to the next open player without a ball.
  • This pattern will continue for the desired amount of time and then switch hands.
  • After working on both hands, switch up the dribble move, type of pass, or both.


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