Game Situation Post Flash Quick Attack Basketball Drill

Game Situation Post Flash Quick Attack Basketball Drill


When the basketball is on the opposite wing, and you are on the block, it may be a great time to flash to the high post area to get a catch. If the defender is right on your hip, and you feel like he/she is over closing you out and is not under control, then this is the perfect time to use a quick attack move and drive the basketball right past them. That is exactly what this basketball finishing drill will work on. It will allow you to get some game-speed repetitions at this move.

Basketball drills like this are all about working on game-specific moves. That way, when the opportunity presents itself in a game, you will make the correct move. So as much as this drill is working on a specific move, it is also training the player to look for the opportunity to flash to the high post and then make a move.

Another thing you have to consider is whether a teammate is posting up in the near side block. If they are, you don’t want to drive the basketball down right on top of them. If they are posting, you can quick-attack back to the block you came from, or they may space to the short corner and leave the block open.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Game Situation Post Flash Quick Attack Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball, 1 pad, and 2 partners.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on flashing to the high post and then using the quick attack move to finish at the rim.


Coaching Points

  • Attack on a straight line to the basket.
    • Don’t round your move out to the side.
  • Be aggressive and don’t try and avoid the contact; seek it out.
  • Try to get to the rim and finish with only one dribble.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Players will start on the block with the basketball, the passer will be on the opposite wing, and partner with the pad will be in the paint.
  • The player will pass the ball to the wing passer and then flash to the high post.
  • He/she will get a pass, and as soon as they catch, they will quickly attack to the right or left (mix it up each time) and finish at the basket.
  • The person with the pad will bump them and hit them all the way to the basket, simulating body contact.
  • Players will get their own rebound and then get back in line.


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