Guard Combination Basketball Drill

Guard Combination Basketball Drill


This combination basketball shooting drill can be done with a big group of players and will work on ball handling, scoring off the dribble, and shooting off a down screen. Since this basketball shooting drill can be done with 5-7 players, it is ideal for practice when you break up the guards and post players on either side of the floor or have a workout with all guards.

There are a lot of teaching points on this basketball drill, so make sure that you explain the right way to do things for each specific part of the drill. That way, you know that the player is learning to do each move correctly and is building good habits, not bad ones.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Guard Combination Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: Up to 7 players in this drill, 2-3 basketballs, 3 chairs, a pad, and 2 partners.


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Goals of the Drill


Coaching Points

  • Keep your eyes up while dribbling the basketball, stay low to the ground, and keep the ball tight to your body.
  • Go full speed to each chair, slow down to make the move, and then explode out of the move again.
  • Set your man up under the basket before using the down screen, and then go shoulder to shoulder with the partner setting the down screen with the pad.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Set up a chair on the sideline just inside half court, another one 5-6 feet away and slightly staggered, and then another just inside the 3 point line and even with the free-throw line.
  • One of the partners will be at the top of the key as a passer, and the other will be with the pad on the opposite side of the chairs in the mid-range wing area with the pad.
  • The line of players is going to start just above half court with a ball facing the first chair.
  • They will dribble down to the chair with their outside hand, make a move at the chair (the coach can decide which move to work on), and then dribble to the next chair and repeat the move.
  • After the second chair, they will sprint-dribble to the corner, touch the corner, and then dribble up around the third chair for a shot off a ball screen action.
  • Now they must get their own rebound and pass it out to the coach at the top of the key (at this time, the next player in line will start going through the drill).
  • After the player passes the ball, they are going to set their imaginary defender up under the hoop and then come off the down screen that the coach/partner is setting with the pad for a shot (you can decide the type of cut to use before the drill starts; curl, straight, fade, etc.).
  • The player will get their own rebound and get back in line to go again.


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