Hard Hedge Wing Ball Screen Basketball Drill

Hard Hedge Wing Ball Screen Basketball Drill


Being able to navigate and successfully use a ball screen requires the ball handler to read what the defense is doing and then be prepared to exploit it. For this off the dribble basketball shooting drill, you will be working on using a ball screen, and the defense will hard hedge the screen. That means that the player guarding the man setting the screen will jump out on the ball screen and try to drive the ball handler up towards half-court.

A big key for the ball handler is to not fight the big man that is hard hedging; let them drive you up toward half court, but as soon as they turn to recover back to their man, drive their hip. Watch this video and notice how the player is patient on the attack and doesn’t force. When you force the attack, you play into the defense’s hands, and they have done their job. Basketball drills like this are all about working on a game situation that a player will encounter during the course of a game.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Hard Hedge Wing Ball Screen Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball and 3 partners.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on reading the defense on the ball screen and then attacking the hard hedge defensive action.


Coaching Points

  • Set your imaginary defender up before receiving the swing pass, and make sure that your timing is right as well.
  • Sell your jab step before using the ball screen; wait till the screen gets set before using it.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The player will start on the wing, one partner will be on the opposite wing, and two at the top of the key (one offense and one defense).
  • To start this basketball shooting drill, the player will skip-pass the basketball to the opposite wing, and then the ball is immediately going to get swung around the key back to the player.
  • While the ball is being swung, the player must set their imaginary defender up by V cutting to get open.
  • When the player catches the ball, the partner at the top of the key will come over and ball screen.
  • The player is going to jab step baseline and then use the ball screen.
  • As the player uses the screen, the token defender will hard hedge and drive the player up towards half-court.
  • The player is going to half retreat dribble, but once the hedge man goes to recover to his/her man, they will attack hard off of their hip for a pull-up jump shot.
  • Now reset the drill and have the player go again or the next player in line.


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