How to Do a Jamal Crawford Finish in Basketball

How to Do a Jamal Crawford Finish in Basketball


Jamal Crawford has patented this basketball move by making so many defenders look foolish. It is an advanced move, but if learned and executed the right way, it can be very hard to guard, especially in transition. The move will take advantage of the defender’s over aggressiveness. Make sure that you watch the basketball training video closely so that you can see the correct footwork.

Learning how to do a Jamal Crawford finish will take some time, but even if you never use the move in a game, it will still be good for working on your footwork and finishing around the basket. A big key is being under control when you attack the basket because if you are out of control, you won’t be able to complete this move.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: How to Do a Jamal Crawford Finish in Basketball

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball and a basket.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Learn how to use the Jamal Crawford finish.


Coaching Points

  • You have to land with both feet at the same time or it will be a travel.
  • If you need to, start practicing the move at half speed to get your steps right.
  • Protect the basketball as you make the move because the defender may try to strip it as he runs across past you.
  • The best time to use this move is in transition when you have a defender trying to set up in front of you to take a charge or strip the ball.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  1. Dribble down either lane line with your inside hand.
  2. Make a crossover move, between the legs move, or a behind the back move to your outside hand.
  3. Immediately after you make the move, plant with your outside foot and hop laterally into the middle of the paint.
  4. Land on both feet at the same time and then jump up and finish at the rim.


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