How to Use a Kentucky Cut in Basketball

How to Use a Kentucky Cut in Basketball


Off the ball screens can be a good shooter’s best friend if they know how to use them the right way. For this basketball drill, you will learn how to use a Kentucky cut (it is also referred to as a pro cut as well). This type of cut is one of the primary cuts that you will use during the course of a game and is a basketball fundamental that wing player needs to learn.

You don’t always have to use the outside of the down screen to score. Sometimes the defender is taking it away, and that is when you come up the middle and use this type of cut. It is crucial that you take your time and set your defender up each time before using the screen. As a basketball player, it is crucial that you are able to master moving without the ball. Being able to do this is a basketball fundamental that every player should be working towards mastering.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: How to Use a Kentucky Cut in Basketball

Equipment Needed: 1-2 basketballs and 1-2 partners.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Learn how to use a Kentucky cut and then practice the proper footwork and work on shooting.


Coaching Points

  • Visualize the defender and set them up every time before coming off the screen.
  • Go from slow to fast and cut in straight angles.
  • Get your head turned around as quickly as possible after coming off the chair to receive the pass.
  • Don’t drift on your shot and hold your follow-through.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Set up a chair on either side of the lane just outside the elbow.
  • The passer will start with the basketball up at the top of the key, and the shooter will start under the basket.
  • The shooter will set his imaginary defender up by stepping to the opposite lane line before cutting up the middle of the paint.
  • As the shooter comes to the chair, they will cut over the top of the chair and open up to the pass as they do.
  • The passer needs to make the pass just after the shooter clears the chair.
  • When the shooter receives the pass, they can either catch and shoot it or sweep away from the screen for a one-dribble pull-up or sweep to the basket.
  • After the shot, reset under the basket and then come off the screen again, continue for the desired amount of shots, makes, or time.


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