Kevin Mchale Tips Basketball Rebounding Drill

Kevin Mchale Tips Basketball Rebounding Drill


This basketball drill will help you control an offensive tip-in with one hand, and the reason this is important is that you are not always going to have two hands available for every tip-in situation. You may be boxing out and holding off another player from the other team with one hand, and that means you can only use one hand to tip the ball in.

It is also important that you learn to use both hands equally because you don’t know which hand you are going to use to tip the ball in. Along with working on a game-specific skill, this drill works on jumping quickly off the ground and developing soft and coordinated hands. Becoming a great rebounder means spending time doing the right basketball rebounding drills and learning the correct way to rebound.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Kevin Mchale Tips Basketball Rebounding Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on developing soft hands around the basket and tipping the basketball in with one hand.
  • Develop quick-jumping ability.


Coaching Points

  • Get up as high as you can on each jump.
  • Try to keep your arm straight and don’t let the ball come down around your shoulders.
  • Don’t land and stand but jump back up as quickly as you can.
  • Really do your best to control the ball on each tip.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The player will start with a basketball on either side of the basket facing the backboard.
  • They will toss the ball up off the backboard and then jump up and tip the ball off the backboard with their outside hand.
  • At the same time, though, they will use their inside hand and try to touch as high as they can up on the net or rim if they can.
  • The player will do 6-8 tips and then rebound/chin the ball and then finish with a power layup.
  • Now switch sides and repeat the same thing.


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