Lane Slides Defensive Basketball Drill

Lane Slides Defensive Basketball Drill


Defensive lane slides are a great way to work on the basketball fundamentals of on the ball defense and also to work on conditioning. During a defensive possession, the average defender in basketball will come out of their stance multiple times. This is due to them not understanding the value of being in a stance the entire possession, but it is also because their legs are not conditioned to stay in a stance.

The lane slides defensive basketball drill is going to help with both of these problems. All of the repetitions will help place value on the importance of staying in a defensive stance, but it will also give them the leg endurance to do so. Another great thing that this defensive basketball drill does is that it allows the player to work on the correct defensive slide technique. There should not be any heel-clicking, crossing the feet over, etc. This basketball drill will help make sure that this doesn’t happen by reinforcing good technique.  This drill does not need to be done for very long, but it should be emphasized regularly during your basketball training and practices.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Lane Slides Defensive Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: None.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Develop good defensive slide technique and leg conditioning.


Coaching Points

  • Don’t raise up out of an athletic stance.
  • Only go as fast as you can while still maintaining the correct form.
  • Don’t let your feet come together or crossover, and keep your weight centered and on balance.
  • You can mix up the speeds of the slide to work more on form or game speed defensive slides.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The player will start on one side of the lane with their outside foot touching the lane line.
  • When the drill starts, they will drop into a defensive stance and then slide over to the opposite lane line and touch it with their outside foot.
  • As soon as they touch the line with their foot, they will slide back the other direction.
  • This will continue for the desired amount of time.
  • Usually, anywhere between 15-45 seconds is the recommended time, depending on what you are trying to work on.



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