Line Basketball Shooting Drill

Line Basketball Shooting Drill


Becoming a great shooter in basketball requires you to train and practice shooting the basketball under game-like circumstances. This is a great basketball shooting drill to work on shooting on the move and shooting when you are fatigued. It is important to be able to hit shots even if you are a little bit winded or have just sprinted up and down the floor a couple of times. Along with this basketball drill being excellent for getting up quality shots, it will also be a conditioning drill if the player is going at a high-pace.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Line Basketball Shooting Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball and a partner.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Improve your shooting as well as your conditioning and shooting while you are tired.


Coaching Points


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Start under the basket on the baseline.
  • Run to the free-throw line, turn around, receive the pass, and then take it in for a layup or dunk.
  • Touch the baseline again, run to half court, and then return for a shot at the free-throw line.
  • Touch the baseline again, run to the opposite free-throw line, and come back for a shot at the college 3 point line.
  • Touch the baseline again, run the full court, and then come back for a shot at the NBA 3 point line.
  • After you shoot the NBA 3 pointer, you are immediately going to back peddle to half court.
  • Catch the ball as you are coming in and score off of the dribble.
  • You can mix up how you finish at the basket; dunk, scoop shot, pull-up shot, etc.
  • The goal is to make all your shots and complete this drill 3 times (take a break between each time).


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