Lunge Jumps Basketball Drill

Lunge Jumps Basketball Drill


Lunge jumps are great for opening up your hips and improving your flexibility when jumping. Too many athletes don’t use the proper technique when jumping, and it isn’t that they are not strong enough; it is that they don’t really know how to jump. This is a great basketball vertical jump drill for getting a lot of reps at jumping the right way.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Lunge Jumps Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: None.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Develop the proper jumping technique and work on flexibility


Coaching Points

  • Use your arms to propel yourself upwards.
  • Land with your chest up and your hips underneath your shoulders.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • From a lunge position, jump as high as you can, driving off both legs and landing in the same lunge position.
  • Advance this drill by performing several continuous lunge jumps.
  • Drill Variations:
    • Switch feet in the air and land in a lunge position again, but with your feet switched.
    • Furthermore, perform a double switch in the air and land in the same lunge position.


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  1. Is there a way to select various videos and put them in a cue to review together without having to go find them?

  2. That is a good question. We have actually talked about adding this feature to the site, and hopefully down the road it will be available. Right now though the best suggestion I can offer is to open the drills up in different tabs, or bookmark them in your browser. Thanks for being a part of the site!

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