Max Vertical Jump Rope Drill

Max Vertical Jump Rope Drill


The max vertical jump rope drill helps develop the player’s vertical and ability to jump multiple times in a row quickly. This jump rope workout will simulate a post player going for a block, not getting the block, and then immediately having to jump again to try and get the rebound. Simply put, this exercise increases your vertical jump and power. It could also simulate a player jumping multiple times to get a rebound or an offensive tip-in. This skill is used throughout the course of a game and is essential to post players.

Jump roping is a great way to get lots of reps in a short period of time at the same thing. Not only will it strengthen the player’s legs, but it will also help them develop their muscle memory on how they should be jumping each time. This is important because a lot of being able to jump higher or jump quicker comes down to technique and form. As an added bonus, this jump rope drill will help the player develop better footwork and timing. It is a must-add to any basketball training plan that is looking to develop athleticism.



Jump Rope Drill Overview

Drill Name: Max Vertical Jump Rope Drill

Equipment Needed: Jump Rope


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Goals of the Drill

  • Improve footwork, quickness, and vertical jump.


Coaching Points

  • Push yourself to go as fast as you can, but make sure that you are jumping as high as you can each time.
  • Stay light on your feet, don’t let your heels touch, and try not to let the jump rope hit the ground.
  • Really focus on having good footwork and jump high even as you get tired.
  • Be careful about doing any jump rope drills on a hard surface for too long of a time.
  • Wood or rubber floors are recommended.


Jump Rope Drill Instructions

  • Begin jumping rope regularly off of two feet low to the ground and every 3 or 4 jumps, jump as high as you can.
  • Immediately when you land, do 3 or 4 more quick jumps, then jump your highest again.


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