Mid Range Bad Pass Partner Basketball Shooting Drill

Mid Range Bad Pass Partner Basketball Shooting Drill


In a basketball game, you aren’t always going to get a perfect pass to your shooting pocket, but you still may need to shoot the basketball because of time constraints, or you may just be feeling it. This catch and shoot basketball shooting drill is designed to help you work on shooting from a bad pass.

That way, in a game, when you receive a bad pass and shoot the ball, it will be a higher percentage shot. The big key to this basketball drill is getting your work done before the pass gets to you. It is all about adjusting your body behind the bad pass. The mid-range shot is almost forgotten in today’s game, but it can be very effective if time is spent on it, and that is exactly what this basketball shooting drill will allow you to do.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Mid Range Bad Pass Partner Basketball Shooting Drill

Equipment Needed: 1-3 Basketballs and 2-4 players.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Practice shooting from the mid-range off of a bad pass.


Coaching Points

  • Do your best to adjust behind the bad pass while it is still in the air; this will improve your percentages.
  • The passer should mix up the types of different bad passes that they throw.
  • If the ball is high, you may have to put a little extra on your shot to keep it from being short.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Partner shooting can be done in groups of 2, 3, 0r 4; you just need to have one less basketball than group members.
  • All the players will start in the mid-range area, and the player(s) with the basketball(s) will throw a bad pass to the open player.
  • The player must adjust to the pass and shoot the basketball.
  • After they shoot, they will chase down their shot, make a bad pass to the next open shooter, and then relocate to get ready for their next shot.
  • Continue this cycle for the desired amount of shots, makes, or time.


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