Mirror Change Direction Speed Training Drill

Mirror Change Direction Speed Training Drill


The mirror change direction drill is a great basketball speed and agility drill because it works on change of direction quickness and going against a partner who is pushing you to go faster and work harder than you would if you just did it by yourself. As the reactor in this basketball workout, you don’t have time to think; you just need to be able to stop and go on a dime. This will help to train your muscles and mind to react quickly in a game situation.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Mirror Change Direction Speed Training Drill

Equipment Needed: Cones and a Partner


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Goals of the Drill

  • Change direction quicker and more effectively.


Coaching Points

  • Keep legs bent when changing direction.
  • When back-peddling, watch your partner out of your peripheral


Basketball Drill Instructions

  •  8 or so cones are placed in a straight line about 5 feet apart, and both players face each other, splitting the middle cone.
  • One player is the leader, and the other player must mirror his moves.
  • The leader can change direction at each cone he comes to, and the follower must mirror his movements.
  • This drill can be done with defensive slides, back peddle/sprints, or crossover steps.
  • The coach can call out during the drill and change who the leader is and what run is being performed to make the drill more difficult.


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