Moves on Moves Basketball Drill

Moves on Moves Basketball Drill


This off of the dribble basketball shooting drill will simulate two different types of dribbling moves, and they are both going to be on the move. The first type of dribble move that it will work on is attacking in transition when a defender is already set on defense. It will work on making the move (crossover, between the legs, etc.) and then being explosive past the defender all the way to the basket or for a pull-up jump shot. The second type of move that this basketball drill will work on is handling the press and making a move past a defender in the backcourt.

Both of these types of moves are important for guards and primary ball handlers to work on. It is a different feel making a dribble move while moving forward, and a player must practice these types of moves at game speed. This way, they will be comfortable using them in a live game situation. This drill is also great for larger groups of players to do, so it is perfect for practice or basketball training with a larger group.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Moves on Moves Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: 2 chairs/cones and a basketball.


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Goals of the Drill


Coaching Points

  • Try to make the move at game speed to make it more realistic.
  • After you make the move, your first dribble needs to be out past the chair (past the defender), be efficient with your dribbles.
  • Stay low on your move and look to be explosive.
  • You can decide what type of move and finish to do each time (crossover, between the legs, behind the back, or reverse between the legs).


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Set up a chair/cone on each wing just inside the 3 point line.
  • The player(s) will start at half court on either side with a basketball.
  • When the drill starts, they will dribble down to the first chair, make a move, and then either finish at the basket or shoot a pull-up jump shot.
  • They will then get their own rebound and go to the opposite block.
  • From here, they will grab the ball and start in pivot position before attacking the second chair with the same move that they just used at the first chair (moving out towards half-court).
  • If there are other players in the drill, the player will wait at half court; if not, they can start again but going back through the chairs the opposite way.


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