Number Drill 2 Basketballs Single Move

Number Drill 2 Basketballs Single Move


Great basketball ball handlers can dribble the basketball while also thinking the game and keeping their eyes up to read the defense. The number drill is a great way to develop the player’s ball-handling and work on thinking simultaneously. When a number is called, the player will have to quickly think about where they should go while also handling the basketball.

You can also use this basketball dribbling drill to work on the player’s conditioning. The longer the basketball drill goes for, the more the player will be working on conditioning and thinking while they are tired. It is a great drill to do at the end of basketball training because it really tests the player’s mental toughness.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Number Drill 2 Basketballs Single Move

Equipment Needed: 2 Basketballs, a partner, and 5 chairs.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on ball handling, conditioning, and thinking.


Coaching Points

  • Do your best to keep your eyes up and mix your moves up at each chair.
  • React as quickly as you can to the number called, and if you mess up, don’t stop; keep going.
  • Push yourself, and don’t be afraid to mess up.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Place 5 chairs on the floor so that it looks like the number 5 on the face of a dice (box with one in the middle).
  • Chairs should be 8-10 feet apart.
  • Number the chairs 1-5 starting with the bottom chair to the left being number 1 and then number the chairs clockwise all the way around (middle chair is number 5).
  • The ball handler is going to start dribbling both basketballs simultaneously at chair number 1.
  • He will then dribble to chairs 2,3,4, and then 5 making a move at each chair (crossover, between the legs, behind the back, etc.)
  • When he gets to chair 5, the coach will call out the number of the next chair to dribble to and make a move.
  • For 30-60 seconds, the coach will call out the number that the player must go to, and the player must react as quickly as possible.
  • After the coach calls the last number, he/she will say finish, and the basketball drill is now over.


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