Partner Chase Basketball Drill

Partner Chase Basketball Drill


The partner chase workout is going to work on your quick start and your Drive Phase. Having two players compete against each other makes both players better because they will challenge each other to go faster, and they will want to do well against each other. Make sure that the players are not shorting this basketball workout and that they are using the proper footwork.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Partner Chase Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: Partner


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Goals of the Drill

  • Improve starting speed


Coaching Points

  • Don’t arch your back, stay low, explode straight out, Roll on to your toes, keep your head up, pump your arms.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Both players start facing the same direction.
  • The players are staggered so that one of the athletes is a few feet ahead of the other.
  • When the coach says go, both players start, and the player who is staggered behind tries to tag the other player before they reach the finish line.
  • Players must run in a straight line.


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