Post Defense Lane Line Slides Basketball Rebounding Drill

Post Defense Lane Line Slides Basketball Rebounding Drill


This is a great rebounding basketball drill that works on going from guarding the post to turning and boxing out once the shot goes up. The first player to react and make contact on a board is usually going to have the advantage, so this is a great basketball drill for players to work on their reaction quickness and box out footwork. The post defense lane line slides rebounding drill is also great for working on your conditioning as well. Learn the right technique to becoming a great basketball rebounder and then practice it so that your body naturally takes over when the shot goes up.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Post Defense Lane Line Slides Basketball Rebounding Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 Basketball and a partner.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Become a better rebounder by working on going from guarding the post to boxing out and then tracking down the rebound.


Coaching Points

  • Stay light on your feet and visualize the post player that you are guarding.
  • Train yourself to react as quickly as possible to the shot going up and then track down the rebound.
  • Chin the ball after rebounding the basketball.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • A coach/partner will start with the basketball at the free-throw line, and the player will start on either block with their chest facing out to the wing.
  • The player will begin sliding up and down the lane line in a defensive stance like they are guarding the post.
  • When the coach/partner shoots the ball up off the rim, they will turn, box out, and then go track down the rebound.
  • After they get the rebound, they will pass it back out and then go to the opposite lane line begin to do defensive lane line slides on that side.
  • Continue back and forth for the desired amount of repetitions.


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