Progression Mikan Basketball Drill

Progression Mikan Basketball Drill


Whatever position that you play in basketball, you need to be able to finish around the basket. The progression basketball Mikan drill will work on four different types of finishes around the basket and is a great basketball finishing drill to use to warm up. It is important that you can finish in various ways around the basket because it will help prevent the shot blocker from lining up your shot. Also, using the rim to protect your shot will be a huge tool for getting your shot off.

Along with learning to finish better, this basketball drill will help the player develop their footwork. So whether it is a younger player who has trouble lining up their feet, or a big man who needs to develop better footwork around the basket, this is a great drill to use.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Progression Mikan Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball.


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Goals of the Drill


Coaching Points

  • Stay light on your feet and really develop good footwork when finishing.
  • Find the right place on the backboard for each kind of layup, and trust yourself.
  • Push yourself and start to pick up the pace as you start to get into a good rhythm.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The player will start with a basketball facing the backboard on the left side of the hoop.
  • He/she will step 1-2 with their feet and jump off their left foot for a right-hand layup off the backboard (For the layup to count for this finish, it must go off the backboard and through the basket without touching any rim).
  • The player will immediately grab the ball out of the net and then repeat the move but off the backboard’s left side and jump off their right foot and laying it up with their left hand.
  • They will make 6 layups (without touching the rim), and then they will move on to doing the drill jumping off two feet.
  • It will be the same drill, but they must jump off two feet and finish 6 times (it can touch the rim).
  • The third set of layups will be like the first set off one foot, but this time, they are going to face away from the basket and do reverse layups, make 6.
  • The last set of layups is going to be reverse layups jumping off two feet.
  • Once the player makes 6, the drill is over.


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