Pull Through Reverse Finish Post Move Basketball Drill

Pull Through Reverse Finish Post Move Basketball Drill


The pull-through reverse finish post-move basketball drill is a great way to simulate helping a post player on the block learn how to react when a guard or wing player drives down the paint. The post players defender is most likely going to step up to help on the drive, so it is important that the big man gives the guard a good passing angle and gives themselves more space to attack the basket.

This basketball post move drill will help the post player work on their footwork, hands, and practicing the correct movement for this game situation that will most likely happen regularly. A big key to talk about for the big man is making sure they get out and back in as quickly as they can. A big key to this basketball drill and move is to make sure to get out to create the space, but then be moving in towards the basket and attacking on the catch; this will help prevent the defensive big man from rotating back to block the shot.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Pull-Through Reverse Finish Post Move Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball and a partner.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on the post player’s footwork, hands, and finishing around the basket.


Coaching Points

  • Get out as quickly as you can, and then get your momentum moving towards the basket as you catch the ball.
  • Be strong and efficient with your movements.
  • There isn’t going to be contact as you go through this basketball finishing drill, but don’t avoid the contact when you get in a game.
  • Passer needs to mix up the types of passes and throw some bad passes to make the player work on their hands.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The player will start on the block like they are posting up, and the passer will be on the lane line area.
  • When the drill starts, the partner will say go, and the player must space to the short corner simulating a drive down the middle.
  • The passer will throw a hard pass at the big man, and as the post player catches the ball, they will be moving towards the basket.
  • They will pull through, rotate their shoulders so that they are square to the basket, and then finish with a reverse on the other side of the rim.
  • After they make the shot, they will grab the make, pass it out to the partner, and then reset for the next rep.


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