Quick Feet Hurdle Basketball Shooting Drill

Quick Feet Hurdle Basketball Shooting Drill


If you look at any of the great basketball shooters, you will quickly realize that they have a good touch, shooting mechanics, and excellent footwork coming into their shooting motion. They do a great job of getting balanced, having a strong base, and only drifting if they are intentionally doing it to create space.

This basketball shooting drill will work on having light, quick feet, and then also coming into your shooting motion with the correct footwork. It is a great basketball drill to use to get warmed up before practice and to get quality repetitions. It can also be used with a team because it is able to incorporate multiple players at the same time.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Quick Feet Hurdle Basketball Shooting Drill

Equipment Needed: 1-2 basketballs, hurdles or cones, a passer, and rebounder (optional).


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Goals of the Drill


Coaching Points

  • Keep your hips low and don’t bounce up and down as you go through the drill.
  • Keep your feet moving lightly and quickly; you don’t want to hear your feet as you go through the hurdles.
  • Come into your shooting footwork the same way every time.
  • Go somewhere with your dribble when you shot fake or rip through.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Set up 5 hurdles or cones at the top of the key with a couple of feet in between each one.
  • The player will start on the right side of the cones facing the basket, and the passer/rebounder will be in the paint with the ball.
  • The player will start backpedaling around the first hurdle, then forward through the next set; they will continue this pattern through all the cones.
  • As they come around the last cone, they will show their hands, step inside-foot first, coming 1-2 into their shot as the ball is passed to them.
  • From here, the player can shoot a catch and shoot shot, shot fake one dribble pull up, or rip through to the basket (decide before what move to work on).
  • If there is only one player, the player will reset and go back through the cones starting on the left side.
  • If there are multiple players, the next player will go, and the first player will get back in line.
  • You can do this basketball drill for a certain number of reps, makes, or time.


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