Read and React Big Man Ball Screen Series Basketball Drill

Read and React Big Man Ball Screen Series Basketball Drill


When a guard uses a ball screen with a big man setting the screen, the other post defender has a few different ways that they might help on the screen. For this basketball drill, the player will work on reading how the other team’s big man is guarding the ball screen and then attacking off of it. There are multiple ways for the other team to guard the ball screen, but for this drill, you will work on two specific types of hedges that the defense might use.

The first is a flat hedge on the ball screen. When this happens, the ball handler will attack the post defender’s hip and try to get the angle past them. On the second type of hedge, the post player will hedge straight up the screen to drive the ball handler out, and then they will run back to their man who is diving to the post. When this happens, the ball handler will wait until the post player runs back to the paint and then drive right behind them and work on finishing at the basket.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Read and React Big Man Ball Screen Series Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball, a pad, and 2 partners.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Learn to read a ball screen and then work on attacking and finishing off of the ball screen action.


Coaching Points

  • Get below the screen every time before using it, and set your imaginary defender up before using the screen.
  • Make a good read on how the post defender is going to guard the screen.
  • Keep your dribble alive and protect the ball.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • One of the partners will be on the wing setting a screen, and the other partner will be behind the screener with a pad (simulating the post defender).
  • The player will dribble down the sideline to get below the screen and then come off the screen.
  • The defensive partner can guard the ball screen 1 of 2 ways, and the ball handler must read and then react to how the screen is being guarded.
  • If the post defender hedges out up the line, then the ball handler will retreat-dribble and then attack once the post player turns to run back to his man (partner must simulate this).
  • If the defensive partner flat hedges on the ball screen, then the ball handler will attack the outside hip of the defender and go right away.
  • You can decide on what type of finish you want to work on after the player attacks.
  • The drill can go for a certain number of makes, shots, or time.
  • Practice using the ball screen on both sides of the floor.


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