Rebound Tip Out Shot Fake Attack Basketball Drill

Rebound Tip Out Shot Fake Attack Basketball Drill


When you offensive rebound, you will not always be able to simply grab the basketball with both hands. That means that you can either try to slap the basketball out to another teammate or tip it out to yourself so that you can grab the basketball with both hands.

For this basketball drill, you will practice tipping the basketball out to yourself and then attacking before the defense can get set. Using this move can be a great way to score if you have mastered it. The key is really being able to sell the shot fake and then finish with contact around the basket. Even with a good shot fake, the defender will most likely still recover, and you will have to finish with contact. Basketball rebounding drills like this will train you to be aggressive on the offensive boards and how to finish when you do get the board.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Rebound Tip Out Shot Fake Attack Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball and 1 partner.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Practicing tipping an offensive rebound out to yourself and then finishing with a shot fake finish at the basket.


Coaching Points

  • If you do not have an extra man to work the pad, you can do the drill without.
  • After you shot fake, don’t avoid the contact; go right into it and clear your space for the finish.
  • Sell the shot fake with your eyes, ball, and body.
  • The person using the pad needs to try and make it game-like.
    • Don’t just hammer the player but make it realistic.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • A coach/partner will have a pad by the basket, and the player will start just inside the free-throw line.
  • The player will toss the basketball up off the backboard and then jump up and tip it out themselves in the short corner.
  • Once they catch the basketball, they are going square up, shot fake, and then drive baseline.
  • When they drive to the basket, they must finish through contact while the person with the pad hits them.
  • The player must go until the score the basket.
  • After they score, they will get their own make out of the hoop and then get back in line.


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2 Responses

  1. You might want to alter the drill with an actual shot by someone other than a player
    to replicate actually reading the rebounding parameters then the tip.

  2. Yeah that is a good idea. If you have a coach to toss the ball up that would work well.

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