Resistance Sprint Without Harness Speed Training Drill

Resistance Sprint Without Harness Speed Training Drill


This is a great basketball speed and quickness drill to use if you do not have access to a harness or resistance band. Anytime you can trick your body to work harder and develop your muscles quicker than it normally would, it is good. Having the coach push against you and then let go trains your body to work harder. Then when you don’t have a coach pushing against you, your start will be even quicker.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Resistance Sprint Without Harness Speed Training Drill

Equipment Needed: Partner


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Goals of the Drill

  • Train with resistance so that when it is not there, you sprint faster.


Coaching Points

  • Move your legs and arms.
  • Drive through at the end.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Partners start facing each other.
  • One of the partners or coaches will place their hands on the other athlete, and when the coach says go, the athlete will start running while the partner or coach is pushing against them.
  • The athlete running wants to make sure that he continues to drive his arms and legs.
  • At their own discretion, the partner will step out of the way and let the runner sprint through the finish line at full speed.


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