Reverse Between the Legs Two Ball Basketball Dribbling Drill

Reverse Between the Legs Two Ball Basketball Dribbling Drill


It is important to be able to handle the basketball with either hand comfortably. You don’t want the defense to be able to force you to your off-hand, and then you not be able to take advantage of it. Unfortunately, though, sometimes basketball players avoid their weaknesses instead of focusing on them and developing them.

That is why two ball basketball dribbling drills are so great. Because there are two basketballs in this basketball dribbling drill, the player has no choice but to work on their weak hand. This is a more advanced dribbling drill that will really help develop good handles and overall hand-eye coordination. Along with this being a great basketball drill for working on ball handling, it is great for developing a player’s overall hands. This will be critical when it comes to finishing at the basket, catching the ball, and more.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Reverse Between the Legs Two Ball Basketball Dribbling Drill

Equipment Needed: 2 basketballs.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on developing both hands and working on the reverse between the legs dribble move.


Coaching Points

  • Stay low in an athletic stance the whole drill; don’t raise up or bounce up and down.
  • Keep your eyes up and practice scanning the floor.
  • Don’t be afraid to mess up and make a mistake.
  • You must be getting out of your comfort zone and getting better.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The player is going to start with a basketball in each hand.
  • Simultaneously, the player will dribble one ball reverse between the legs and cross the other ball over in front of them.
  • Without any stationary dribbles in between, they will repeat the move but alternating which hand goes reverse between through the legs.


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