Reverse Hop Backs Drill

Reverse Hop Backs Drill


Reverse Hop Backs are an excellent basketball workout for improving functional basketball agility and overall coordination. You have to train your body and muscles to execute a move the right way. That is why before you do this drill, you really want to watch this basketball training video to see the correct way to do the exercise. After that, you can spend time doing the exercise and developing your muscles to execute the movement.

This will translate into having better basketball movement in games, and it will be easier to make athletic moves. Being quick, faster, jumping higher, etc., has a lot to do with technique and learning the correct way to do the specific movement. So when you do your basketball training, make sure that you are focusing on your technique and then pushing yourself to jump higher, move quicker, etc.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Reverse Hop Backs Drill

Equipment Needed: None


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Goals of the Drill

  • Vertical COD (Change of Direction), Footwork


Coaching Points

  • Maintain athletic position and forward lean when transitioning from backward to forwards.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • From an athletic position, hop backward 2-3 feet and immediately hop forward to the starting position.
  • Begin this drill by only performing one hop at a time.
  • To advance the drill, perform several hops backs continuously for a specific number or amount of time.


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