Reverse Pivot Team Warm Up Basketball Shooting Drill

Reverse Pivot Team Warm Up Basketball Shooting Drill


This team basketball drill will work on footwork, staying balanced, and getting up a lot of high-quality shots in a short period of time. Sometimes during the course of the season, it becomes difficult to budget off a lot of time for player development because there are so many other areas that need to be worked on.

With a warm-up basketball shooting drill like this, though, you can maximize time with the number of players that can shoot at each basket and because you are using it to get warmed up before practice. Players need to see the ball go in the basket to have confidence in their shot, and this is a really great basketball drill to do that.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Reverse Pivot Team Warm-Up Basketball Shooting Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball per player.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on footwork, balance, and shooting.


Coaching Points

  • Keep the ball tight to your body when you pivot around and stay low and balanced as you spin around.
  • Don’t fall back on your shot and stick your follow-through after you shoot the basketball.
  • This drill can be done for a certain amount of reps, makes, or time.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Each player will have their own ball, and the line will start on the block facing up the lane line.
  • The first players in line will jog out and spin the ball to themselves at the elbow.
  • They will catch the ball in an athletic stance, reverse pivot, and then shoot the ball.
  • The player that shot the ball will get their own rebound and then get back in line.
  • Once a player makes four in a row, they will switch lane lines and repeat.


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